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The Power Of The Unconscious- Part 5

The Unconscious mind was much maligned by Freud and his followers. The Unconscious was supposed to be not very co-operative as it was not supposed to be in voluntary control. It made the people, especially in the Western world feel scared of something that no one knew much about. Hypnosis was about the Unconscious. Freud […]

The Power of The Unconscious- Part 4

That the Unconscious controls your inner organs is an understatement. It controls everything that is not in your awareness including our habits. Many illnesses develop as a result of Stress you experience by the fight between the Conscious and the  Unconscious mind. Anatomically, the hypothalamus, thalamus, hippocampus and amygdala are parts of the Unconscious. So […]

The Power of The Unconscious- Part 3

A correction officer was doing his duty in the prison. He was suddenly attacked by a prisoner for no reason. The attack was so sudden that he had no time to respond. As he shouted for help, his colleagues arrived to rescue him. He was so shocked that he did not know he was bleeding. […]

The Power of The Unconscious- Part 2

In the last part, we learnt about the differences between the Conscious and the Unconscious. As you know they are both parts of you. If they go against each other, they will destroy your life. If they work together, they will give you all that you desire. The whole trick is to appreciate how they […]

The Power of The Unconscious Mind- Part 1

In this first part you will get to know the meaning of the Conscious and the Unconscious mind. The Unconscious mind got major recognition with Freud’s work. It was not that it was not known before that. The old Hindu scriptures are replete with references to ways and means of affecting your “inner self.” Many […]

Three Impacts Of Meditation Practice

What Meditation Can Do In Your Life Mindfulness meditation is popular at this time in the Western world. For people who have no experience or knowledge of meditation, it is considered a strange concept that is also considered as being against some religions. These people are folks who are usually fearful of anything new. Obviously […]

Can Miracles Be Created?

Do miracles happen by chance or can they be created? Are the following stories true or are they a figment of someone’s imagination? A professional singer and musician was struggling to establish her freelance presence in the competitive world of music. She was not finding much success. She dreamed of getting work as an actress […]

Is Human Suffering A Subjective Experience?

We can reduce our suffering if we have discipline It is said that one of the reasons Siddhartha Gautam Buddha left home for the forest was because he wanted to explore why we suffer. His whole journey was about wanting to overcome suffering. As the story goes, he was successful in achieving his goal after […]

Can Stress Contribute To Recurrent Infections?

Many years ago, a middle aged lady presented in the clinic with a history of recurrent urinary tract infection that was ongoing for many years. Her doctor had put her on an ongoing low dose of an antimicrobial medication. All investigations and evidence could not pin point any particular cause of the recurrence of infections. […]