Can Miracles Be Created?

Some People Believe That Miracles Are Co-incidental. Courtesy-

Do miracles happen by chance or can they be created?

Are the following stories true or are they a figment of someone’s imagination?

A professional singer and musician was struggling to establish her freelance presence in the competitive world of music. She was not finding much success. She dreamed of getting work as an actress where her music skills could also be used. She loved to do theatre where she could also play music. Such assignments were hard to come by. Then suddenly she got this offer. She got offered a part in a play. Also tied in with this commitment was the offer of doing music for the play. She was over the moon. She thought it was a one off opportunity. As weeks have gone by, she has so much more work now that she has difficulty in handling the assignments.

A budding film producer/ director was trying to find work. Contacts were limited. But the experience in working with ad films was to her advantage. She was hoping she would get some engagements to prove her mettle. Then suddenly, she got five emails in one day offering her different film projects. She had to then decide which ones to accept and which ones to leave.

An airline crew member was in the job for many years. Other colleagues had been promoted but this person was finding it difficult to go up the ladder. She did not know how to change things for her. Then she did something that changed her life. She got the promotion she was looking for, without making much effort.

A businessman was in debt with the banks for a six figure sum. He was distraught as business was in a mess. Then he did something that changed his business. In another six months time, he had a six -figure sum in the bank, having paid off his debt.

A young lady was struggling to conceive after eight years of cohabiting with her husband. She was not sure what could help her. She then did something that changed her life. She conceived successfully after six months.

A struggling small time actor had the dream of joining Broadway. He was based in Ireland and Broadway is in London. He thought that it was just going to be a dream. Then he did something. One day out of the blue he got a call from a director in Broadway to offer him a role in a play on Broadway. He grabbed the opportunity.

These stories are actually real life experiences and observations. What did these people do to make things happen?

 What is common to each of them is that each person involved, took the steps to change themselves as a person at an emotional level. Each of them was my client. I had the privilege to guide them through their journey.  

They knew that they were responsible for their own destiny. But did not know how to change it. They were carrying on with their daily life, in their respective professions without even expecting something dramatic to happen. Some of our experiences were contrary to what we had read in some of the books on creating miracles.

It is as simple as this.  Change your emotional state to a more positive state by getting rid of your anger, fear and grief. This is what creates miracles.

 It may sound quite “unscientific”. But what we do in my clinic, involves only science and nothing else.

You have within yourselves the power to create miracles. The only thing is you need to know is how to shift your emotions and then just do the work to shift them in a focused manner. The world around you changes accordingly. The resources around you will re-align themselves to create what you wish to have. The above experiences also proved that there are certainly some rules in Nature that you need to follow to create miracles in your life.

These are the four lessons we learnt:

1.Not one of these people was expecting miracles to happen but their lives did change.

2. All of them had a certain wish but did not know how the wish would be fulfilled.

3. They simply took it to rid themselves of their negative feelings of anger and fear that had been parts of their life till that time.

4. They were certainly not “striving hard” to get what they wanted.

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