The Power of The Unconscious- Part 2

In the last part, we learnt about the differences between the Conscious and the Unconscious.

As you know they are both parts of you. If they go against each other, they will destroy your life. If they work together, they will give you all that you desire. The whole trick is to appreciate how they work and make the best out of it.

Imagine being a part of the family in which the parents are fighting with each other most of the time. These two people are at loggerheads with each other. The energy and the time spent to make each one agreeable to the other negatively affect the lives of the children. On the other hand, if the parents have a good relationship with each other, the family thrives. The children grow up to be well-adjusted adults who can then raise their own children the same way.

When the Conscious and the Unconscious do not get along together, emotional and psychological stress is experienced. In the present day world, the education system encourages logical learning or Conscious learning. All educational activities are about raising questions and exploring answers. The Conscious mind is a good planner.

When the student is engaged in such activities what happens to the Unconscious mind? The Unconscious mind takes a back seat and becomes inactive. Because it is creative and imaginative, it does not bother about facts and figures. Its main responsibility is to make sure that YOU survive. So it is very good at creating conditions for you to fight or flee if there is danger. It is spontaneous. It does not plan. It is emotional.

A highly qualified professional once told me that he was very good at passing exams. But when it came to living a life happily, it was difficult. He had not been happy since early childhood. There was no problem in doing a good job in the field that he was an expert in. Living a life of his choosing was not possible, that made him unhappy. It was obvious that the Conscious and the Unconscious were opposite each other creating stress in this particular individual. This had lead in the past to excessive use of alcohol.

In therapy, in this case, our job was to align the Conscious and the Unconscious minds. When the two get aligned, they relax the individual psychologically, physically and emotionally. Instead of mental turmoil, you feel calmness. A form of wisdom comes in. You can then bring together your gut feelings and facts together to draw a conclusion about any life issue, which will give positive results. You become more productive.

All forms of meditations and most therapies that do not involve cognition, work at the Unconscious level. These therapies align the Conscious and the Unconscious mind. They do so by clearing out the now unnecessary survival emotions, of anger and fear. These emotions have outlived their usage. They were meant to end after the event of perceived danger was over. But because they have outlived their usage, they become negative for the happy state of the body and the mind. The mere clearance of anger and fear makes you wiser and smarter as the Unconscious mind comes to peace within itself. Once it feels assured of your survival, the Unconscious starts co-operating with the Conscious mind. This brings about a state of peace and happiness in the individual.

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